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lights are in need of repair at several high schools--paul gessler tells us why thieves are to blame for the fields going dark. there's no offseason in copper theft.the anne arundel county school district says áfive of its schools have had 20 thousand dollars in damage... after copper wiring was stolen this month. three high schools: north county, old mill and broadneck highs...had copper stolen from stadium lighting.portable classrooms at two elementary schools were also hit.these thefts date back to july 7th. maneka monk, anne arundel county schools: "they come late at night when there's no visibility and stealing from public facilities."bill jacobs, annapolis: "they're stealing from all of uss whether it's stealing from the kids or stealing from the parents who pay for their kids to go to school, maybe it's a sign of the times." all of the thefts are believed to have happened overnight... and are as recent as this past weekend.police do have some surveillance video, but could not release it.paul gessler, fox45 news at 5:30. angry... residents... who... were overcharged..
investigators to a drug operation on the eastern shore. paul gessler spent the afternoon on kent island.paul, what did firefighters find? marijuana plants, jeff... several of them burned up in the brush fire off romancoke road last month.others that were found were destroyed. forestry officials discovered the grow operation during last month's 50- acre brush fire. the fire threatened several homes off romancoke road.a queen anne county sheriff's office spokesperson says the fire and grow- operation don't appear to be related. linda gillis, kent island: "given the odd things that go on in this world, it's not surprising." reporter: "it wasn't yours, was it?" linda: "it was not mine." (laughter) the fire is 100 percent contained, but still burning in some spots.meanwhile, the marijuana grow operation is being handled by the queen anne's county drug task force. paul gessler, fox45 news at 5:30. governor o'malley isstill trying to round upsupport for a bill toexpand gambling. but the washington-based "taxpayers protectionalliance" is taking to the airwaves...urging state lawmakers to boycotta p
gessler is streaming live from outside the man's towson apartment with the way police ended up finding him.paul? police found ricky bostic here, along towsontown boulevard last thursday.he lives here at lambeth house. they say he forced his way into an apartment on versailles circle, which just so happens to be a neighboring apartment building. police say bostic tried breaking into a woman's apartment: with her inside watching t-v.they found him on the way back to his place: with stolen credit cards in connection to a break-in in the same building.he was arrested-- and was connected through d-n-a evidence... to a sexual assault back in may. kricket hicks, towson: 23.26 "and, this happened in may. and, here, it's almost the end of july, so wwat was he doing in that interim? i mean, that's scary. he's walking around trying to find another place to get into." bostic lived in a first floor apartment behind me.he's now at baltimore county detention center.that sexual assault was on york road here in towson was exactly two months ago in towson, paul gessler, fox45 news at five. a man is be
... sidewalk to sidewa/ sidewalk.../.now, it's burning a hole in business owners' pock. pockets.paul gessler is streaming live from a nail salon in east baltimore with more on how business owners are dealing with the mess... paul. we are told it could take weeks before monument street is repaired.-- monument near johns hopkins remains closed between bradford and montford streets-- sidewalk is closed on both sides near this sinkhole-- only a handful of businesses are open-- nail salon needed to lay off workers since they couldn't open up this weekend. weekend. the storm drain that caused this mess is 50 feet underground... and more than 100 years old. rudolph chow, baltimore city public works: 32.08 "our water system and our sanitary sewer system are just as old. so, we do have an infrastructure crisis on our hands."nathan peterson, steve's market pawn shop: 4.02 "it's sad. a lot of businesses around here closed right now because of this sinkhole. we need people to open back up soon. if not, monument street ain't gonna be the same." same." most
is recovering tonight after his lifeless body was pulled from a maryland swimming pool this weekend.paul gessler reports it could have been a different ending, if not for a fast- acting lifeguard and some new l. legislation. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 (diving into pool)another hot day at the waugh chapel."i would pick michael phelps..." joe and his friends..."yeah, ryan lochte. he did amazing lastnight."have the olympics on their minds.1.43.18 "hi, i'm mary poppins, i'm going to destroy you!"just a day ago, ago, "in the deep end." lighthearted play turned heavy. heavy. "and, my heart just absolutely sank. sank." sank." "looking at his body and looking at how lifeless he was, i felt like that was my fault.."an eight- year- old boy attending a birthday party at this gambrills, maryland swim club... unconsious. unconsious. "according to a family friend, the last thing the little boy remembers from his friend's birthday party is being on the bottom of that deep end and thinking to himself, 'help, help. please, god, help' ." ." "the young man was only in there for a minute. less than a minute."that help c
for their kids to go to school, maybe it's a sign of the times."in anne arundel county, paul gessler, fox45 news late edition. police do have some surveillance video, but did not release it. 3 one gunman... could... be responsible... for... 4... armed robberies... catonsville area.../ e tonight.... police... warn customers... to... be... on... full alert. the... latest robbery... happened ... att.. the... m-&t... bank... at the ingle-side shopping center,.../ police... say... there... have been... 4 armed robberies... at... atms... in... the catonsville area.../. in... all... cases,.../ the... armed gunman ...wore a mask..../ it... happened... on weekends../. late... at night. (pernell mcfadden)"the most sensible thing is just to give it to em.. i wouldnt like to be robbed at gun point"( timothy kuchar)"do you think that some of that might have to do with the economy.. when the economy gets tougher people have less money and theyre willing to.. theyre hung" hungrier" police say... no one... has been hurt.../ but... police... fear... the g
.. were... evacuated...//.paul gessler... reports ... what... they found... leaves ...some neighbors ... scratching their heads. heads. if not for a manmade trench behind linda gillis' kent island house,(nats walking)she may not have had a house to come home to. to. "it got within 75-80 feet of the house.. and that's way to close!"rewind to june, firefighters converge on the eastern shore.. shore.. "it was coming our way and we had to leave."a brush fire fought by ground--(nats)and, by air.(sot from june)dozens ev. evacuated. "then, i kinda figured, it was probably more than just a little brush fire and it turned out to be that it was." seven- alarms,50 acres burned. burned. "it was obvious they had been soaking everything down."no one was homes damaged. the story doesn't end here, though.more than just legal leaves burned. burned. "had no idea..."firefighters discovered an illegal marijuana crop in the woods road. "on this island, it's pretty shocking, because you don't figure things like that happening here, but then again, it is wooded, and there are no roads back there. i
looking for ways to cool down. paul gessler waded through tte waters of an open hydrann today-- where many kidd found an escape from the heat.paul? the annual tradition at the end of the roland park parade is to open the fire hoses for out parentt were just as relieved. 3&that's because mmny people in the areaaare still without powerr- for the fiftt straight &pcrowds this morning for an were told they could be without power throughhthe weekend. tom inglesby: 1.21..8 "" mean, if it's still off byythe end hhliday's over, we're gonna be we're gonna cclebratt."naaia: 1135.55 "the fun part was &prunninn through the water. that was he fun partt" meanwhile, there are still xx those crews don't get the r..- holiday oof.they were out in full force again the &pnnws at five. after days without power .... ice is a hoo commodity. the city passed out free bags oo fallsttaf oad and park of heights avenue.residents waitiig for lectricity... have been forced to throw ouu everything in theii freezers... and on a day like today.... the ice was aawelcome "iq: even though we dont have appreccate ittrig
was hurt, paul gessler reports the fire leaves several people looking to start over. 3 3 3 3 3 3 33 3 33 3 3 3 3 two apaatment buildings....up in flames.tony colvin: 20.38 "yeah, it was scary. it was crazy."just after midnight, &psmoke came billowing out of a randallstown apartmmnt cooplex. tony colvin: 20.22 "looked up, there was smoke engulfing the whole parking lot and piece of &pliberty road."jamie reneee 22.31 "and, then, i just see a bunch of flames sparking and stuff. it was scary. i felt baa for everybody in that building."it eventuully spread to thh next building..ony colvin: 21.25 "an inferno. cause there were big, big plames and big, big things of smoke."flames shot as high as 20 feet into the air.a two- alarm fire..needed nearly two hours to get under control. jordan holman, randallstoww: 18.12"they brought ffre trucks from pikesville and randallstown down here, because the fire was so big, trucks."jamie renee: 25.05 e &p(speculating)"yeah, somebody leff their grrll on..." neighbors are left to speculate.thh cause and origin at this point are unknown. jamie renee: 22.48 "you co
river has a local buuinessman in hot watee. paul gessler reports hundreds of dollars in fines wonnt stop tte tube 'n taxi owner frrm paddling ahead with his summee . business. at gary's tubee 'n rafts in mon. monkton.. nobody today, no. and three yesterday."empty parking lots p. prove... ""ou kkow, i'm just trying to make a clean living..." tuesdays don't necessarily bucks. for unch today (llughter). y - where is somebody? c'mon! we gotta pay for lunch."after though--hough---- (door shuts)the rmitage wet. "the weekend being so hot, it was gonna be crazy here, so we two."garr could uss the money. he was fined 315 dollars this peekend for running a busiiess in a state park. park. "there you gg!"hii ussness address, though, is onnyork transporting)thii s the problem, according to the departmeet of natural resourcee.gary drives river riders tooa rop off point in gunpowder faals state park. park. "now i'm dropping peopll off rrther than yyo driving down, everybodyydriving down taking up ll the spots." spots." "trout. rainbowwtrout, brownntroot. they're ll in herr."trout fishermen have
something was wrong.paul gessler reports police are still searching for answers. answers. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 few signs remain from saturday's scene. scene. west 29th street is much quieter sunday morning, but scars remain. remain. "a girl was murdered on the sixth floor." floor." "i couldn't sleep lastnight, cause that was on my mind. mmm hmm."some people: too scared to show their faces after a body was found by police saturday. saturday. : "everybody know each other he" here." "she had just moved in about six months ago, but i don't really know nothing about her." her." "she was always upbeat and friendly. she was never a troublemaker that i could tell."'she' was a woman in her 30s, according to neighbors. police are awaiting autopsy results, but say the body was badly decomposed. decomposed. "it make you feel sad. make you feel sad."neighbors inside the wyman house say they complained to management starting monday.. monday.. "that's the worst smell i've ever smelled in my life."a bad smell coming from apartment 6-j. j. "it was like a real real bad smell in the hallway and stuff and people
quicker than others.paul gessler is live in now without power.paul? - this tree came crashing down into the front yard of the home here onncedarcroft far as the hooeowner knows, the like mmny still in this is, neighborhood, still in this neighborhood, though, wwthout this neiggborhood ii just to the easttof yyrk road in north baltimore.the homeowner ttlls uss company for a timetable.ility "somebbdy has to be last, i'll put it that waa. if it's me, that's the waa it is, but i certainll would haae liked to seen a quicker eepoose." response.""yeah. it's very frustrating. because, we''e living in limbo. we just don't know from one day to the next 3 area?>still out in the we have beenn etting hundreds of ictures from our fox45 viewers ... when news happens.....see it, shoot ii, and send it... to ffx baltimoreedot com.thhse are from john in mounn thi
customer is seeking a billion dollars in the courts...//.paul gessler joins us to explain what put his patience over- the- top. paul-- ralph jaffe was without power for nearly seven days after last month's storm.he says b-g- &e's customer service is 'disgraceful.' jaffe lives in was one of the hardest hit
-thousand people remain without power wearing thin. thin.paul gessler joins us live from a section of nortt baltimore going on 71 hours without electricity.paul? this tree came craahing down into the front yarr of the home here on cedarcroft far as the homeowner knows, the home is not damaged.she is, like many still in this neighborhood, though, without power. this neighborhood is just too the east of york road in north baltimore.many people tell us they are coping with thh heat by sleeping in theirrbasements with candles and flashliihts. the homeowner here tells us she's wwiting to hear from them and the tility company "somebody has to be last, i'll put it that way. if it's me, that's the way it ii, but i certainly would have likeddto seee a quicker response." response.""yeah. it's very frustrating. bbcause, we're living in limbo. we just don't know from one day to the next because therees no activity." reporter describes what it is cues photographer to show daakness.reporting from show darkness. reporting from dark north news la
remarks... dealing... with... government's role... in business....//paul gessler... talked to... local business owners... today..../paul-- paul--president obama said successful business owners didn't get there on their own. some local business owners say the president is out of touch. touch. for four and a half years, the sounds of sewing echo these walls.allison tran, embroidme: 33.53 "anything you can put a logo on: pens, mugs, plants, just about anything."allison tran is the owner of embroidme. she sacrificed to keep the doors open.allison tran, embroidme: 35.44 "we refinanced our house and cashed out money for that. we took out a second mortgage. we applied for credit cards."wide lester miller, miller printing press: 49.52 "i've been in business for 50 years."she and minutemen press owner lester miller take issue with president obama's friday speech in virginia.mister obama told supporters small business owners didn't reach success on their own.(obama speech)med lester miller, miller printing press: 51.18 med lester miller, miller med lester miller, miller 3 printing press: 51.18
, the price of a gas has increased. increased.paul gessler is streaming live from north baltimore to tell us how people are dealing with the midsummer roller coaster ride. paul-- people i spoke with today saw this coming...just last month, gas was 10 cents cheaper, saving most people a couple bucks a fill-up.we're live on 41st street, where the price of a gallon of regular unleaded is 3.45 at the royal farms behind me. me.that's a few cents less than the maryland average of 3.47.a year ago, it was 3.70 a has some people using websites and social networking to find the cheapest gas. mike delahoz, baltimore: "it's pretty annoying. i had to look up online what the cheapest price is in this area to pay." junior bryant, alabama: "wish i could put some water (in here) or something. gas is just ridiculous."larrice harris, baltimore: "putting $25 in right now and putting more in tomorrow, just trying to space it out. i can't give them all my money all at once." once."at stations up and down york road, just a couple miles away from here...we found prices in the 3-30 range.. analysts at trip
, paul gessler, fox45 news at ten. 3&bridget says she has a baby name picked out... "luka" .and for a middle name.ed 'derecho' - no derechos tonight but we id see storm clouds earlier and the humidity is still with us. ps.chief meteorologist vytas peid has mooe in his first forecast. police need your shoo and killed a man early this morning in parkville. police respooded to calls ffr ssots fired near darlington drive and oakleigh road around 2--a-m. ffom gunshot wounds...he was pronounced dead at the scene. theevictim has not been identified and olice are still innestigatiig. tonightt.. authooities continue to innestigate a fire anne arundel county woman.ttis &pviewers... lorien fire department says flames broke out arounn 10 this millersville home on newport aaenue in the "arundel on the but have not yet confirmed her identtty. one of the baltimooe city fire companies that was supposed to close... will stay open just a little bit longer.this is video of truck 10 at a fire on roberts street in west the president of the firefighters unioo says truck 10 will not clos
relief in sight tomorrow and friday, but, with that, comes the threat of rain.paul gessler, fox45 news at five. the... maryland... public service commission... promotes .../ mer--win... sands... to... the position... of... executive director...//. sands ... served... the p-s-c... for eight yeaas.../ most... recently... as... director... of the telecommunications... , gas, aad water division.../.in ... his... new position... the... and... coordinate... with staff counsel.../ in cases... before the commission.../// that brings us to our question of the you think the maryland public service commission is working in your best interest? go... to... fox- baltimore dot com .../ tell us... what you think.../. sound... off... thru... facebook.../. send... us... a tweet.. at foxbaltimore.../. text... your answer to ...45-203..../ enter... fox45a for yes.. / ffx45b for no. the... maryland... dream act ... is... getting support... from leaders ... in... education and reeigion. religionn the... measure... is now being backed... by... freeman ... hra--bo
-- but with no time to alert out- of- state crews. paul gessler, fox45 news at 5:30. 3 first on fox... nearly 70 passengers on a megabus headed to baltimore find themselves stranded in new jersey after the driver reffses to bring them any further. further. here are some pictures sent to us of the incident. you can see everyone is off the bus. this night of hell started after passengers say one of them asked the driver if the air conditioning was working. passengers say at that point the driver pulled over and slammed on the brakes. that jolt was enough to cause one woman to end up in the 17:52 she was going down 95 and she was like ruur and it's a double decker....butt bite 23:14 eveyone is confused everybody is worried some people are scared scared 3 3 passengers were on their way home from new york city. managers with megabus say they are looking into the matter but maintain their driver did everything by the book. a... meeting... at the governor's mansion... involving... the state's three lawmakers ... produces ...little progress ... on... whether to call... a special se/
.reportiig in the studio, paul gessler, fox45 news at five. &pthere's a new plea ttconserve water throughoutthe baltimore area. that word from city public works officials...who main. thee're trying to avoidwhat happened nearlythree years ago in dundalk...when a huge water mainbreak caused seriousdamage. public works officials...have disovered anothhr attr main in southwest baltimore. that's why they're takingprecautions. (foxx) "please refrain from outside watering, car washing, powwr washing or pool topping until after sunset or during the early morning hours." houus."some resiients could experieece low waterpressure this week. repairs are eepected tobegin later this week. &pthe power may have een restored but cleaning up from &pthe big june 29th storm will &ptake months.. the biigest challenge now is fallen tress press melinda roeder live in notherst where...crews frrm private ttee services are hard at work. 3 3 it was just yesterday that bge announced that power has been restored to all those who lost it during the overnight storm &pon june 29th.unfortunatley... after last ni
't turn the power oo yourself..."paul gessler, foxx5 news aa tee. 3&and here's a look at here things ur last check.... there are ssill more than 70- thousand customers n baltimore city without power. more than 72- housand in baltimore coonty... and more than 49- thousand innannee restored power to more than 365- thousand of iis custooers pince friday niggt. anddjoining us riiht now on the ppone... is b-g-- spokesman, rob gould.i know it's een an incredibly usy couple of days for you.and peoole still wiihout powee what's the bottom line.... when everyone ssould have 3 their power back? is here any help thht ou're providing to you custtmers? still, what are your worst areas? rob gould, from bge, thanks forrjoining us tonight. 3 3 p3 even though school's out... tte weather s still cauuing schhols.422baltimore county y ppbliccschool buildings are withhut power and will be closed on monday.many schools, offices, pprkinggaad alking &pfallen tteee and other debris prom friday'' storm.staff memmers should get principals about where to report for workktomorrowwanne activiti
... this is an interview during fox 45 reporter paul gessler's story at the ripken experience.... watch the background we'vee spot shadowed for you.the 2nd baseman... not even 20 feet away from first... windd up... and drills his first baseman.. good news... he's okay.... it was a softer baseball... and thh poor little guy eventually poos up. that's all for sports unlimited.thanks for watching, i'm morgan fox45 morning news tomorrow -- starting at 5-am.
, paul gessler reports friends and coaches remember him for his taleet in the pool... and his charactee outside of it. it. greenspring avenue issfull of twists...(nats: tire on pavement)and turns.(nats: traffic)adddhigh speeds monday night-- and this is the result. fiiefiggters cutting innooalec cosgarea's ford focus. cosgarea, a talented teenaggd swimmer, died at the hossital. hospital. "he was an absolute pleaaure to coach. i'm gonna miis him." erik possgay is alec's swim coah ccach "his compeeitive spirit is gonnaabe missed the most."the incoming high school seeior was a tallnted swimmer... he hoped to qqalify foo junior nat. nationnls. "you can't replace an alec cosgarraa..because of all the brought. he was more than just his enthusiasm day in and day o" out." besides thh family here at the northhbaltimore aquatic club, aaec leaves behind two parents who each swam at the division-1 level, an oller brother drew, who is on the stanford universitt swwm team, and a younger brother will, &pcllss of 2014 at mcdonogh sch" school.""he hoped to be better cosgareas are definitely a ttis aree
leads to charges in a separate sexual assault.paul gessler tells us how police made the important connection between two criminal cases. cases. towson streets are where baltimore county police arrested ricky bostic.he's suspected in a sexual assault on york road in may. may. "and, this happened in may. and, here, it's almost the end of july, so what was he doing in that interim? i mean, that's scary. he's walking around trying to find another place to get into."the arrest was made last week, in front of bostic's lambeth house apartment complex. at that time.. he was only suspected in two burglaries. burglaries. "i meen, that is..that is scary.."in those two burglaries... women were home at the time... but they weren't assaulted. assaulted. "a woman and her child were sleeping on a bed next to a bedstand where the purse was taken from."neighbors did not suspect bostic could be dangero. dangerous. "well, no one really knew. it was kinda private. one neighbor would ask another neighbor, 'did you know what was going on?' " d-n-a matched bostic to the sexual as. assault. "it's extreme
... according to people who saw it. fox45's paul gessler tells us the crime that started all the chaos...and how the three- mile hase ended with nobody hu. hurt. "turned the corner, and wow!' look at this right hhre!" pgnorance."ccaos on mount &pavenueeeue..- "somebody did something thee wasn't supposed to do." ((taking picture)) picture)))i always watch this stuff on tv so, i wanted to see it for myself." myself.""it's too hot for all this...don't understand peoole sometimes."in the mid-morning heat, burning rubber, flares and debris-- fill the air in &pmount vernon.((aaron describe crash: "bang!"))witnesses say this man was easiiy going 100 miles per hour... ttrough city . streets. "walked round the corner to see this mess that somebody cre" were chasing him up mt. royal and these other cars hit him." him." police say they spotted the stolen tags on the corner of reisterstown road and liberty h. "and, he got all the way down amazing. he did some driving then.""fter hitting tww police cars---his wild ride ended here..itting four more cars, and a fire hydrant.(((ab driver describes damage to
.../.this... after the... storm ... that... knocked out power... to... 750 thousand... customers..../paul .. gessler reports ... what... the man... is... seeking.../ seeking.../ for thousands of b-g-&e customers, hours turned to days- days-- "about six hours short of seven days. it's unconscionable. nobody should have to suffer like that." ralph jaffe was in the dark at his pikesville home after june's powerful storm. storm. "people are losing their lives over this. this is not an inconvenience. this is a matter of life and death."last week, jaffe filed a lawsuit in circuit court against baltimore gas & electric. electric. "the way i see it is this lawsuit is the answer to this p" problem." "jaffe and his neighbor, not unlike a lot of people who needed to clean up loose limbs and downed trees from their back yards. the tree service charged them 2,000 dollars to remove it. that's only a fraction of what jaffe is seeking in court." court." "one billion dollars! that's compensatory and punitive damages." damages." "at the end of the day, we know we're impacting lives, and many of our employees were wit
, homers, r-b-i's and runss check this out... this is an interview during fox 45 reporter paul gessler's story at the ripken experience.... watch the background we'vee spot shadowed for you.the 2nd baseman... not even 20 feet away from first... windd up... and drills his first baseman.. good news... he's okay.... it was a softer baseball... and thh poor little guy eventually poos up. that's all for sports unlimited.thanks for watching, i'm morgan fox45 morning news tomorrow -- starting at 5-am.goodnight. goodnight. man: there's a cattle guard, take a right. do you have any idea where you're going ? wherever the wind takes me. this is so off course. nature can surprise you sometimes... next time, you drive. next time, signal your turn. ...that's why we got a subaru. love wherever the road takes you. the new santa fe steak melts. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: get extra grande flavor with the santa fe steak & bacon melt. juicy steak, crispy bacon, and melted cheese with creamy santa fe caesar. or try adding egg for a santa fe steak, bacon & egg melt -- a
the is set for sattrday.paul pgessler, fox45 news at 5:30. 3 how are the roads 3 looking tonight? tooight?brandi proctorr has pur traffic edge report. report. p3 mabeliarmapfibermap895map p 3 keeping clear of clutter in the office.whht one product -3 claims to do...and whht we found out hen we puttit to the test. 3 3 a truckkgoes airborne ddring a authhrities ere chasing the driver in the first place. 3 and a spectacular train fire & in ohio.we'll have more on the - dangerous materiaas in someeof the freight cars. 3 3& --adblib weather tz-- [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the new santa fe steak melts. get extra grande flavor with the santa fe steak & bacon melt. juicy steak, crispy bacon, and melted cheese with creamy santa fe caesar. or try adding egg for a santa fe steak, bacon & egg melt -- a favorito for breakfast but muy bueno any time of day. get to your local subway and claim your steak today -- with new santa fe steak melts. subway. eat fresh. 3 an incredible end to aawiid police chase in california. california.policees
... down ...on baltimore... once again.../. temperatures ... topping off... over... 100 degrees.../ paul... gessler... took a ride... up 95.../ to.. .check... how... the kids... t... cal ripken's baseball camp... were beating.. the heat. heat. 3 3 at the ripken baseball expeeience summer camp,coach ryan isn't throwing the heat. heat. but, he's definitely throwing in it.ryan heller, ripken experience coach: 1.30.58 i doo't mind the heat, so it can be as hot as it wants out here today."paaents brave out the heat alongside the campers.nat diane leinenbach: "hustle up. get some water."al hayden: "probably 90-92 something like that."90 degrees and rising on the steaming field turf.kid: "it's really hot. it's 103 degr" degrees!" kid: "like 103 degrees..." reporter: "how do you knowwthat?" (kid shruus shoulders)diane leinenbach: "i can't believe how hot it ii."hari lymon, father: "doesn't matter what temperature it is, what room offthe house he's in, he's playing aseball somewhere somehow."down the rood in baltimore, a code red heat advisory is issued.diane lein
't expect it to pb this much."paul gessler, fox45 newssat ten. those emergency shellers remain open tonight on the lane and the 1440 block of ring eest federal street. and power outages aren't ttee only problem in the state... the áheatá wave is being blamed foo at leass 3 deaths iiclude all men... one from montgomery county... one from wicomico county... and one from baltimooe ooficials remind residentt thaa hot conditionn can lead and hhat - the storr is also being blamed for a major shortage in bllod donations.... ppwer outages &f several blood drives acrrss tte region... tte nation's blood supply has reached emeegency levels with 50,000 &pin june. ind out how to donate online t foxbaltimore dot com slass newssinks. 3even international companies help out here. they can to road in towson was withoot - power... unttl early monday morningtoday, the story gave away more than 4-thousand gallons of water. 47: 13 iq: sure its very nice thatt q: and it's very warm warmsome people in parkville are still without &them went in just to cool off these latest outage
police coming up... on the late edition../.paul gessler ... tells us... about ...the valuable metal... being stolen ...from... anne arundel county schools fox45 .../ teams... up.../ with... the most... popular.../ crime-mapping... website.../ tracks... criminal activity.../ in... your neighborhood.../ ááandáá..,. will... send you... emails.../ whan.../ crime happens..../ áágoáá... to... fox-baltimore dot com... / ááclickáá... on... spot crime.../ in... the.../ "hot topics"... section.../ 3 fort lauderdale police ... investigate... a... possible case... of road rage... caught on camera... camera... june 20--th.../ , surveillance cameras... capture a man... getting out... of his... bmw with a gun..../ he... then firess.. several shots... at.. .a... passing... before... getting back in his car.../ and... speeding off...///. the... driver... in the passing truck... said... he... never did anything... to... provoke... this attack....// police... still... don't know... who ...pulled... into
.still, neighbors have not bben given a ttmetable on restoration. reporting from the studio, paul gessler,,fox45 news at ten. many people urn to gasooine- powered generators to keep &pppwer goes out. but there are &pssrious dangers that ome withhthem. them. the citt fire epartment generators are at least 20 filtering inssde.umes from insidd.and if you thinn you''v been exposed to high levelssof carbon moooxide fumes call 991-1 iimediately and open all doors and windows of your home. food safety is another issue that comes into play during extendeddpower ouuages.thh food and drug administration sayy the temperature in he refrigerator and freezerrmmst be 40 degrees or lower to assure the food s safe. safe.but yyu shoold hrow out food such as meat, poultry, pilk and eggs if they have been stored in a refrrgrigerator or ffeezerrat a temperature áábovee 40 degrees for more than two with thousands of people only one quession that matters to b-g-- customers.. and that's when will the power be restored?we just heard from b-g-e that it could beethe nd good enough for govvrnor daniels haa that
......seemed to make aaternoon ccokouts even otter.fox45's paul gessler hows us how some peoole celebrated he fourth: innthe dark-- and in the heet. &p "the parade and he firework pre catonsville's day in the sun."no fiiewwrks in the shortle's froot ard. yard. "hi there, phil!"the fire, literaaly, doeen't work. work. "we're nottgetting gaa... the tank is full."grilllproblems are pedestrian by this year's hooiday standards. standards. ""nn, i was without ppwer forr on)alas, reeief attthe end of the roland park paraae. paradd. "it's small ttwn america at its best." pest." "it's antastic. beautiful ddy!"a part of north baltimore hit hard... hard... house. it'' brutal."huse in our- brutal." "it's like camping n your wn houue. (laughter) i'm hoping t comes on soon." soon."""he fourth of julyy" jull fourth: thh fifth day withhut power for many. "not ideall but there you go. in ife." pife." "the fun part was running ttrough the waaer. thaa was the ffn paat." (sppashing, playing)whennlife make fun. power was recently restorrd to the shortle's catonsville home. home. 3&"there ya go!" was thee gas
... this is an interview during fox 45 reporter paul gessler's story at the ripken experience... watch the background ... the 2nd baseman... not even 20 feet away from first... winds up... and drills his first baseman.and... boom! smacked in the face!good news... he's okay.... it was a softer baseball... and the poor little guy eventually pops up. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 excercise ... your life depends on it! it!how many deaths can be blamed... worldwide... for lack of excercise! excercise!and take a trip around the world...without leaving baltimore!when you can catch the picadilly circus.. next in yourrhometown hotspot! you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. it's the perfect match for the perfect moment -- oreo the dunkin' way. introducing the new oreo coffee coolatta and new oreo vanilla bean coolatta. taste the fun today. america runs on dunkin'. hurry in to dunkin' and try the new oreo coolatta and donuts today. 3 new this morning... a man charged with killing his estranged wife and her 11-year- old son is due in a montgomery county courtroom today. curtis lopez's attorneys are
.../ knocking... it... off... its base basepaul gessler streaming live now...with a look at the latest attacks on one of these cameras... paul? paul?twice this weekend, speed cameras here in arbutus-- and two miles up the road in catonsville-- have been hit. this camera on sulpher spring road still has black spray paint on the pole and the border of the camera. camera. for years, along sulpher spring road, drivers have been . watched. "there's been plenty of accidents. we've also had a fence, where they came through the fence, so by slowing them down--the speeders, i was thankful."the speed camera that does the watching-- it's been vandalized before. before. "i was just amazed that someone did that and didn't even care about getting caught."but, again this weekend-- it was part of a pair of paintings.across from catonsville high school, vandals painted over a speed camera box.the same just two miles away in arbutus-- they sprayed a message on the sidewalk, too. too. "basically, it was 'f-u' in so many words." words.""these speed cameras have been slowing down traffic for years. that is, until
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